Tampa FL is a city with about 400,000 people and is the third most populous in Florida. It borders Hillsborough bay to the west and Old Tampa Bay to the east.

The early history of Tampa FL starts with the Native Americans who lived off the lands provided them from nature as well as gathering what they could from other tribes sold or traded to them from those who came from across the waters. The Spanish arrived with their missions and fortifications which supplied a safe stop for their galleons with silver bars on there way back home owning all of Florida until it was ceded over to America after winning independence from Spain during 1820s

The modern day history of Tampa begins during WW I when it became a military installation/supply depot to the war effort.

Then during the depression Tampa saw growth as tourism to Florida was increasing rapidly and eventually became a booming tourist destination which led it into becoming one of the largest cities in America by 1980s.

Tampa FL is known for its historical sites, natural beauty, outdoor activities, climate and food among many other things.

Tampa has a humid subtropical climate with hot and wet summers and mild winters. It is constantly around 65 degrees.