Repairing Your Air Conditioning Unit In Tampa

Fixing Your AC Unit

Most people only think about fixing their air conditioner when it breaks, but there are steps you can take to keep your unit in good working order. Below is a list of do-it-yourself tips to help extend the life and comfort of your air conditioner:

Clean your air filter every month or as needed. Dirty filters reduce airflow and increase energy costs.

If your unit is blowing hot air, have a qualified heating and cooling technician check the following: Make sure that all vents are clear of blockages, furniture, or drapes. Check the air filter for dust build-up. Check to see if there’s an obstruction of the outdoor coil.

If your unit is hard to start, check the following: Make sure that the thermostat is set on “cool” and not “off”. Make sure the temperature setting is above 75°F. Check for a tripped breaker or blown fuse by turning off all fuses and circuit breakers and then restoring power one device at a time. You may simply need to reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse, which is accessible in your electric service panel under the cover labeled “main”.

If you’re unable to find an obstruction with these steps and your air conditioner still isn’t running properly, it’s best to call in a professional.

The Benefits of hiring An AC Contractor

You should hire an AC expert like Fuse FL to inspect your AC unit. This will ensure that it is in good condition when the summer season comes, saving you money in the long run. You have enough to worry about without having to be concerned with whether or not your AC unit is working properly. Here are some reasons why it’s important to hire an AC expert.

The professional who will inspect your AC unit has undergone extensive training and is very familiar with all makes and models of air conditioners. If the unit is working properly, they will identify any potential problems so you can fix them before it gets too cold outside to use the air conditioner for cooling your home.

If you do find a problem, the professional will also be able to recommend the best and most cost-effective solution.

An AC expert can diagnose any problems that your unit may have. It’s simply not possible for a non-expert individual to determine what is wrong with an air conditioner just by listening to it run.

Determine If You Need AC Repair Or Replacement

Whether your air conditioner unit has decided to stop working on the hottest day of summer or you’ve had it with the loud noises it makes every time you turn it on, chances are that you want to do something about the problem. Replacing an air conditioning unit requires quite a bit more than just nailing some window units in place and forgetting about it. While there are many advantages to installing a new unit, you must realize that repairing your old one may be the better option for you.

If your air conditioner is still having issues after the cleaning, it’s time to get out your tools and try some basic repairs. Several problems can be fixed with a screwdriver and some know-how (especially if you’re handy), such as broken mounts or brackets, clogged filters or drain lines, frozen coils, or leaks in refrigerant lines.