Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is a lush, beautiful African-themed park in Tampa, FL. This is one of several Busch Gardens locations throughout the world. The park features many attractions themed to Africa, as well as many other areas around the planet.

The list of amusement rides includes Kumba; Montu; SheiKra; Scorpion; Gwazi (two dueling wooden roller coasters); Python (bumper cars); Congo River Rapids; Tanganyika Tidal Wave (log flume); Jungala (an interactive play area for children with multiple nets and mazes) and Stanley Falls (another log flume attraction). There are also two thrill rides: Nairobi Stampede (multi-level family coaster based on an elephant theme); and Cheetah Hunt, a launched coaster with multiple launches. In the water park area, there’s Stanley Falls Flume (an enclosed body slide); Congo River Rapids; White Water Safari (raft ride) and Wildebeest Splash Battle (bumper boats).

In 2010, Busch Gardens added four new attractions: Cobra’s Curse is a suspended family roller coaster very similar to Vekoma’s original Mouse Trap that opened in 2002 at sister park SeaWorld San Antonio. SheiKra is a 200-foot-tall drop tower thrill ride based on an African theme decorated with snake motifs and was the world’s first Dive Coaster. Gwazi features two dueling wooden roller coasters featuring six total hills and drops as well as two underground tunnels. Montu is another steel inverted roller coaster that features seven inversions including a vertical loop, dive loop, corkscrews and a batwing.

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay has more than 3,000 animals representing over 300 species in themed exhibits. It’s one of the largest collections of animals in Florida. Many are native to regions around Tampa Bay while others are imported from habitats around the globe. The park provides veterinary care for its collection by teams of veterinarians.